Creative Expression , Self Mastery , Joyfulness.

It is in the doing that we become....

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ;

  • Be in a t.v. commercial  instead of watching t.v.. commercials?
  • Maybe you’ve fantasized about being on a magazine shoot rather than flipping through the pages of the magazine?
  • How about being a successful Blogger or Youtuber ?
  • Perhaps you’ve dreamed of being a fitness trainer or inspirational coach ?
  • Or wondered what it would be like to have multiple streams of nearly effortless income ?

Have You Ever Just Wondered What It Would Be Like To Live More Creatively ?

Well So Have I !!

I've Been Living My Creative Life For More Than ...... 20 YEARS !


By visiting Aida Davis – Get Things Done  you can expect to be inspired by ;       

  • Conversations with People Just Like You that are actually living creatively!
  • You will have Proven Resources to take the first steps to Living Your Passions!
  • You will be inspired all the way, to Get Things Done !
  • And you’ll even have some Fun !


 My passion in life has always been, To Trust and Believe in Myself. I have always been aware of this very strong need to be true to myself and to my inner desires and , to understand them. Though I have not always been successful at this self awareness thing, I honestly know that all of my lifes experiences have been pieced together , directing me to my next creative outlet. To daily habitual acts of Creative Expression and Self Mastery ! To the All encompassing😌

Now I’d like to share my experiences and daily interactions with you. To encourage and support you on your journey. So if you are ready tofly by the seat of your pants and experience life in a New way , Welcome to !

Let’s Get Things Done !