When people ask me ” are you a model” I tell the truth. I say “yes I am a model” . Now, I’m not suggesting that I am So Drop Dead Gorgeous that random people are constantly pondering and asking me this question on a daily basis, but I do get recognized (I’ll get into that later) After I  coyly admit , “guilty as charged” a myriad of questions always ensues: How long have you been doing it?   What do you have to do to become a model? What modeling agency are you with?  Would I have seen you anywhere? What kind of modeling do you do? Who is your photographer? Do you do your own hair and makeup? These are just a few of the questions that I have been asked countless times in my 20 plus years of being in the modeling and talent industry. It has always been my pleasure to talk about the Industry and to offer guidance whenever I can. I mean, who wouldn’t love to go to work , have someone do your hair and makeup, dress you and make certain that you look FANTASTIC  , basically get treated like a princess all day 🙂  and Get Paid For It !? I Ask You , WHO Wouldn’t LOVE That !? In truth there really is not (1) specific question that  I am asked,more than any other, about being a  model, BUT, if I had to pick one question it would be ,”How did you get started in modeling”. My response is always the same. ” I went into my local modeling and talent agency on an “open call” day and the rest …..dare I say , is history!! Actually , I was not accepted by the agency on my first try. The Booker, (that’s what the talent agent is called ), gave me, ya know, the once over and then said something …. how should I say….. Very Rude and Discouraging , which I shall not repeat here because #1, I am long past it and #2 in the end I prevailed. So, what did I do after this devastating moment of REJECTION? With ALL of my dreams hanging in the balance you ask.  Well walked out of the office with a Big Smile on my face as if to say to all of the people waiting their turn… I’m In!! Good Luck!!  Exited and cried in the elevator (I think.) I decided that I would wait a month or two before giving it another shot. When I did go  back, it was on another “open call day” .It was really much the same as before. I waited my turn ,went into the office to get the once over , only this time the universe was working in my favor!! I recall, that the booker and I talked a little about why I wanted to be a model and what I expected for myself. She (the booker) told me about the agency  and, as if out of nowhere, I  was  offered representation on the “New Talent Board”… I couldn’t believe it ,just like that!  I was “in” with the #1 agency in Philadelphia!!! Yippie!! She had no recollection of me having been there those few months before . Knor did she recall how hurtful she had been as she displayed no recollection of me.  It turned out that she’s actually a Very Nice Person. I figured she must have just been having a bad day and decided to take it out on me… ( Is there a Life Lesson here?) Lucky for me,  I didn’t let  her get me down that day. I knew that I had a Real Ability to be a professional model and talent  and I wasn’t going to be stopped by somebody who was probably just having a bad day because, their boyfriend broke up with them last night … or something like that. So many people fail to follow their true hearts desires and dreams because they are afraid of what somebody might say or do. So, in my next post I’ll talk about :
  • What people said and,
  • Best resources even if you’re just starting out 
  Let’s Get Things Done! Aida🌸