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Should I wash my hair the day of or the day before my wedding ?
You know your hair best. Some people wash their hair everyday .Some people wash their hair once a week. I find that if your scalp is oily than wash your hair the day of the event. If your scalp is normal than your good to go one or two days. The hair and scalp should be clean enough so that the products your stylist uses lifts the hair and not weigh it down or visibly sit on top.

If you smoke, or will be around “smoke”  just go ahead and wash your hair .

Do you have experience with different textures of hair?

Yes I and my team have experience working with a variety of hair types and textures.

Is it ok if I only book hair or makeup services with you and not both?

Yes , you are welcome to book us for hair or makeup only. Keep in mind that we do have 3 service minimum.

Are you able to provide hair and makeup services for all ethnicities?

Yes, our team is made up of a divers group of artists. We are all experienced professionals and are comfortable with all skin types and tones and well as hair textures.

I am having a large wedding with 12 bridesmaids , are you able to accommodate large party's ?

Yes,I do have a team that I work with so we can accommodate large wedding parties.

How much time is needed for hair and makeup services ?

Each hair service takes 35 minutes  to 1 hour depending on length,thickness and desired style. Each makeup service takes 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on skin type and makeup  application technique. It is important to schedule enough time.

We actually don't have our wedding party 100% set , would I need this information prior to securing your services?

You do not need to have any definite numbers to secure our services. In fact, as soon as you are certain that you want to book us for you event, you should do so, to secure your date.

How would I go about securing your services for my wedding date?

After you have had a chance to review our pricing, the next step to securing your date is for me to send you our bridal agreement. You will electronically sign it , send it back to me, and we go from there.

Do you have a service minimum?

Yes, we have a 3 service minimum.

Do you travel to the venue, if so, do you do you charge a travel fee ?

Yes, we travel to your venue. We only charge a travel fee when we are servicing outside of our general area or if your venue is outside of our mile range but within our service radius.

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