So when I decided that I was going to pursue modeling and acting as an actual career path people had plenty to say. One well meaning friend suggested that there was no way I could “ just be a model” and that I most certainly would need and should strongly consider a “backup plan”. 

Some of my family members expressed  concerned about exactly what kind of modeling I was interested in doing and what that actually meant anyway..

Others were like….  ” You, Should Be A Model!”

See… I knew I should be a model 🙂

I’m glad that I got a lot of different reactions when I was making this decision because when I got started in the 90’s there was still that “casting couch ” mentality . So as I began to actually book jobs those around me saw that this whole creative lifestyle thing was … REAL , SUSTAINABLE and most important A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS!!! YIPPIE!

What’s ultra amazing now is that almost anyone ,anywhere  of any race or age can fulfill their desire to live more creatively and… On Camera/ Online . You see we are living in what I call, The Reality Age of Entertainment. Be it on screen or in print , advertisers are looking to cast  … and this is an actual term used in the industry … Real People for their projects.

So what are “Real People” castings ?

Real People Castings are when the casting breakdown(describes what the client is looking for)  will say (when applicable) “Looking for Real.. Moms or Real Families (that’s a popular request) or Real Nurses/Doctors. I’ve even seen castings for Real People with Diabetes or other medical concerns (medical is also a popular one for real people castings) .

The casting agent or talent agency will get Breakdowns  from the  advertising agency .The  Ad Agency  are the ones who work directly with the client or brand to develop the vision  that said client has for the product . The breakdowns are a summary of what  that client is looking for , for their particular product shoot. For instance, age range, male,female, ethnicities, hair color, attitude etc.

What I find to be super helpful to start gaining confidence and experience in The Reality Age of Entertainment is that we are able to, on some occasions submit ourselves for these types of jobs without having “Agency Representation” by using reputable casting services like Casting Networks .

You are able to create a free account specific to your type(look) location ,work preferences etc. Then, to submit for castings you can do so on a casting by casting basis for a small  fee or you can subscribe for a low  annually or bi-annually fee. Casting Networks is the Go To in the industry.

Perhaps you’ve heard of them and this is just the motivation that you need to take your next step.

It’s always a good practice to have at least three different looks that you can draw upon when needed. You want to be “look appropriate” for the audition.

For Example:

A natural casual look/ lifestyle

A business professional look / upscale

An evening look/ elegant

Remember, if you are just getting started you don’t necessarily need to have professional shots taken to make a submission. Just make sure you follow the guidelines for that specific casting.  Have someone close to you take a few different pictures of you in simple environments.

Follow these guidelines:

Take a headshot,

A  3/4 shot,

Ware light makeup (men and women)

Use natural lighting

Ware simple clothing (no loud prints)

Style hair naturally.

Shaven and unshaven (men)

You are now perfectly suited to join The Reality Age of Entertainment !

Let’s Get Things Done!