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I Am So Happy To Meet You !

Allow me to share a little bit about  myself with you. You see, I have been directing my artistic and creative and entrepreneurial energies into their corresponding channels for more than 20 years

For as long as I can remember  ,I’ve always been a “ creative type” I recall once when I was  in middle school , my teacher going around the class asking us students what we wanted to be when we grew up. One person said a nurse , another said a teacher (teachers pet) , yet another said a policeman. All noble professions .  I on the other hand said A World Famous Ice Skater !!

Crazy me . Or…. Am I .

Having the courage to step out of the box and really speak your heart’s desire is a sign of self awareness and self love ( even if the other kids laugh at you) . Hey Enlightenment knows no age.

Sometimes I almost can’t believe that I’ve been earning my full time income as an  independent creative artist person for as long as I have. Though it hasn’t always been easy , I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way.

I want to tell you a story . Let me take you on a little journey…

I remember when I first started modeling.Yes, I started my creative journey as a fashion model. I booked a traveling show called “The Great Bridal Expo” you may have heard of it .  I traveled along the east coast  of the United States doing bridal shows on the weekends. Alongside other models both  male and female , we wore  the most beautiful wedding attire  from all the top names in the business . What Fun !  We would depart on Friday , travel by plane or train to the location , check into our hotel and get ready for the shows . Having this level of independence and accountability in the very beginning of my modeling career is when I began to develop a real sense of self directedness and freedom for my life.

” Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal”..

  In 2001, after the 911 DISASTER, I realized how much value my life really has and that it was limitless . I saw then, how necessary it was for me to explore and express my creative self as best as I can. So, I decided NYC was the place for me and luckily the universe had my back !

  Not only did I move to New York City in 2002 , but I moved to the Upper West Side in a Doorman Building 😎 with two of The Best Roommates EVER !! And one of them was a makeup artist !! Our apartment had so much makeup. YIPPIE !


One of the many highlights of my career, living in N.Y.C. is , when I booked O Magazine you know , Oprah’s Magazine ?? I worked with them twice.

I lived in The Big Apple for 10 WONDERFUL YEARS as a WORKING MODEL. And from time to time as an assistant makeup artist to my roommate .

I  quickly developed a True Passion for All Things Makeup. 

I’ve always LOVED fashion obviously. But lotions, potions and MAKEUP , Who Knew !

So one day I contacted  2 cosmetic brands that I used and really liked. They responded positively to my inquiry and guided me to their artist trainings. I then became a special events makeup artist with those 2 brands and as a result, I created a small following and now I have my own onsite “bridal beauty style boutique”.

I think if you are willing to be vulnerable to yourself, then you will be presented with more opportunities to expand and try new and different things that interest you.

Why Bridal Beauty ?

I have spent a large part of my modeling career working in the bridal market. I’ve worked for Kleinfeld, David’s Bridal ,Alyssa Bridal, Rose Taft and many ,many more. Besides, what’s not to love about All Things Bridal.

The Point ?

I’m proud to have experienced what it’s like to really get out into life and seek self expression through creative expression. It’s not something I do, it’s Who I Am !! Like I’ve said, it’s not always easy but , it’s always worth it.

Aida has worked as a makeup artist for Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics .She also attended The Bridal Beauty Salon trainings with the Renowned Lati Truong.She continues to refine and update her hair and makeup skills via artist seminars and brand trainings.

You  just never know , what amazing things will turn up, when you decide to take that first step.


 Aida 🌸

Things You Didn’t Know About Aida …..

Get To Know Aida A Little Better 🙃

  1. I am a wanna be techie🤖 and I built this entire website myself from scratch… yes, it’s true 🙂
  2. When I got into  modeling I wasn’t thinking “Lifelong Career”, but I’m glad that it is .
  3. I enjoy French , I’ve been to France twice.
  4. Hubby and I vacation in the Caribbean … I have a sister who lives there 👍🏽
  5. I prefer audiobooks to the radio when I’m driving … I get so much more reading done that way  !!
  6. I grew up with dogs , now I have 2 cats .
  7. I enjoy vegetable gardening.
  8. I like working out  .
  9. I 3 ❤️ 💛 💖’s  and a Snap YouTube.
  10. I Really Like Emoji’s 🤡


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