Congratulations! You’ve said Yes and now your planning towards the Big I Do!! This day is one that you are both looking forward to but there is a lot that has to be done before you  actually get to that beautiful day.

Unless you’ve been engaged for a while, your engagement period most likely will be spent planning the wedding. Ironically, this can put some serious strains on you and your beloved. What with so many details to be paid attention to . Even if you hire a wedding planner you will still need to stay closely involved with the overall details of planning your wedding.This is something that both of you should be well involved with up to  the day that you say I Do.

Now we know that there are stressfully moments that can occur during the planning of your wedding and they can permeate your relationship while the two of you move toward the event of a life time. Here are 4 simple ways you can keep the romance alive as you move towards a lifetime of saying, I’m so happy that I married you.

Plan That Honeymoon

With all the talk about flowers, cakes, first looks, wedding venues, honeymoon locations, tuxes and dresses, it’s easy to supplant idealistic romance with boring practicality. Put some spice back into your conversations by visualizing all of the fun  that the two of you will have together once the big day has been celebrated with all of your friends and family in attendance. The wedding planning can become an all consuming juggling act of pleasing parents, friends, and siblings. While still needing to tend to life’s everyday concerns. When all of the planning and people pleasing get to be a little more than you both care to handle, take a breather and slip off to your special place where you can relax, pull up your Pinterest honeymoon destinations page and smile…. your almost there.


Get friends and family to help plan the wedding and to oversee various tasks. Remember however that you will still need to approve the tasks completed by your team . Hire a wedding planner to rally the troops and manage the over all strategy for the big day.This is the perfect opportunity for someone in your inner circle that has a knack for order is creative and  self directed.  The more you can take off your plate , the more time you will have to tend to the more personal aspects of planning your wedding . As you delegate to willing participants the more calm you and your future spouse will be as the date draws neigh.Chances are there are plenty of people who will be eager, or at least willing, to participate so why not let them.

Keep Up Date Night

Don’t turn your regular date night into a discussion of the wedding. Continue to go out for dinner, a movie, dancing whatever it is that the two of you, like to do, and leave it at that.

This can be challenging but really try to take a break from all of the excitement and activity of wedding planning. Make this time really special , by loving on and appreciating each other even more. Enjoy each others company, and make a conscious effort to relegate wedding planning discussion to a specific place and time, say, during a particular afternoon ,when the two of you can rendezvous for coffee.


Wherever your words go, your thoughts and emotions tend to go as well, so make a special point to send loving texts, emails, and even hand written letters to each other. Small gifts such as chocolate, flowers, or a stuffed animal go a long way, and will bring up the affection level between the two of you. Remember to tell your partner how much you’re looking forward to spending the rest of your lives together, and how much you’re looking forward to saying those two very special words.